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We install and repair sump pumps and ejector pumps

Sump & Ejector Pump Services

Both sump and ejector pumps sit in their own basin typically found in the basement of your home. Although they make look similar, they serve different purposes. It is important to learn and understand how they work and how the professionals at Patterson Plumbing & Heating can serve all your sump pump and ejector pump needs.  


What is an Ejector Pump? 

Ejector pumps or solid waste pumps are typically located in homes with a basement or homes with sewer lines below the level of city sewer or septic tank lines. Their main purpose is to pump sewage or grey water up and out of the basement into a sanitary sewer line. There are two outlet pipes coming from the ejector pump basin, one for sewage and one for sewer gases. Often basement washing machines, sinks, and floor drains all drain into the ejector pump basin where they are pumped out of the home.  


What is a Sump Pump? 

Sump pumps are found in most homes that have a basement, cellar, or crawlspace. A sump pump’s main purpose is to pump water out of the basin that has accumulated from perimeter drains of the home or natural occurring ground water. There is one outlet pipe coming out of the pump basin that pumps water up and out of the home into the yard or exterior storm drain. Typically, this pipe will be outfitted with a one-way valve that prevents water from flowing back into the home. 


What Pump Services Do You Offer? 

Patterson Plumbing & Heating’s expert technicians are available and ready to help you with your pump needs 24-7, 365 days a year. Our highly trained technicians can perform emergency repairs to your home’s pump to help prevent or stop flooding and backup. Patterson Plumbing & Heating can also install new pumps and perform preventative maintenance 


Contact Patterson Plumbing & Heating 24/hrs. a day for any of your pump problems.  

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