Considering one of the many home water filtration systems you can have installed? You’re not alone! But it can be a significant investment, so you should consider the pros and cons. Here’s a short list of the reasons for and against having a whole house water filter installed.

Home water filtration systems

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Pro: Drinking water smells and tastes better

The most obvious benefit of having a whole house water filter is that your drinking water will be higher quality. This is the reason why most people choose to have them installed. The reason is that the filter purifies the water that comes from your faucet… Just like regular filters you might have on your faucet, or in a jug you can pour water from.

The reason why your drinking water should smell and taste better is that home water filtration systems remove all sorts of horrible stuff from your water supply. This includes physical debris, like dirt and mud. But, perhaps even more importantly, it includes the chemicals and waste that many people are concerned about.

Now, the jury is still out on exactly what’s wrong with having fluoride in the water supply. Fluoride is a toxic chemical in large doses, there’s no denying that. But people are more concerned about the long term effects of the small doses we consume every day. The same goes for chemical waste from industrial concerns, which can make its way back into the water supply. You only have to hear those words to think of Flint, Michigan which has been and still is going through a water crisis. You can avoid problems like mercury, lead and the like in your water through a whole house water filter.

Pro: Home water filtration systems are highly convenient

But these filters aren’t just useful for purifying your drinking water. They supply water to the whole house, which includes the water you wash with and cook with too. This offers much better convenience than faucet filters. So, if you have a traditional filter on just one tap in your home, that might be great for drinking and washing dishes. But if you want to brush your teeth with nice, pure water, you have to go to the kitchen. Having a water filter that pre-filters all of the water in your home means that you can enjoy that extra convenience.

Con: It costs more as an initial investment

The first, and most obvious drawback of installing an at-source filter is that they tend to be expensive. Even the cheapest, at just around $500, is costly. But the most expensive can demand an amazing price tag of $10,000. The exact cost depends on the features of your water filter, and what it’s designed to filter out. Some only filter dirt and debris, some filter certain chemicals but not others, and some are supposed to filter everything. Others ‘remineralize’ the water, by adding back in beneficial minerals once the bad stuff has been taken out.

This initial investment is daunting when you talk about any sort of home renovation. You might have to pay for both hot water and central heating, an air conditioner, even a dehumidifier, as well as every other cost related to running a home. And the more of these kinds of devices you have, the more you’ll have to have them repaired. There are quite simply dozens of costs you have to think of when you own your own home, and adding in a whole house water filter ‘just’ to purify your water might seem like an additional and unnecessary one.

Pro: Having a home water filtration system can be cost efficient

Like we said, whole house water filters provide water for everything you need, from washing, to cooking, to bathing, and- of course- drinking. Now, if you don’t want one of these filters, you only really have one other option. You can have faucet filters installed! These attach to, or are a part of, your faucet, and filter the water as it comes through. Now, these are easier to install than whole house water filters. We’ll admit that.

But having two, three or more faucet filters means that you have two, three or more things to repair when things go wrong. If you have a whole house water filter? You only have one thing to repair! That’s more cost effective, in the long run, even despite the initial costs you’ll have to pay.

Con: If all you wanted was clean drinking water…

One of the main draws of having a whole house water filter is that it purifies all your water. This includes drinking water, sure. But it also includes the water you bathe the dog in, and the water you clean your car with. And what about all the water that your washing machine uses? You can have that hooked up to the filter, too. You might want clean drinking water, but you might also feel that you don’t need pure water to mop the floor with. And you have every right to take that view.

If that’s all you’re worried about, far better than having a whole house water filter is just having one or maybe two smaller faucet filters. They give you the same pure water, but don’t (always) need to be installed by a plumber. So, if all you want is pure drinking water, then these might be a better option for you.

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