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The month of October accounts for numerous national awareness topics and events including National Home Eye Safety Month. According to more than 94,000 adults and children were treated for eye injuries in 2013. It is our goal to help spread awareness about preventing eye injuries by taking the proper precautions while working around your home.

Number One Rule: Wear Safety Goggles.

When doing any sort of work that can potentially damage or harm your eyes, it is imperative that you wear safety goggles. Plumbing is a job that puts your eyes at risk of an injury more often that you may think. For examples of common plumbing tasks that produce a high risk of eye injury, see below:

  • Snaking a drain.
  • Using a drill.
  • Using a sawzall.
  • Hammering.
  • Working under a sink.

There are plenty of additional circumstances that can pose a threat to your eyes. Besides wearing safety goggles, you should always read warning labels and installation guides and practice extreme caution when performing any sort of manual labor, or dealing with harmful chemicals.  Don’t become another statistic, protect your eyes!
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