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Between taking a shower, using the toilet, brushing our teeth, and doing our hair, we spend a lot of time in the bathroom. In fact, some researchers estimate that we will spend over 2 years of our lives in the bathroom; so it’s no surprise that we will eventually grow tired of the way it looks.

If you are bored with your bathroom, bring it back to life with these five simple tips:

1. Refresh your accessories.

Accessories – such as your towels and mats – play a key part in the visual appearance of your bathroom as a whole. Swapping out these small elements can make your bathroom look completely different, even if everything else is the same.

2. Add art.

Hanging up a new painting or adding a small counter piece on your vanity will give your eyes something new to look at. This is a very cost-friendly way to spice up your bathroom.

3. Lighten up.

Adding or removing a light fixture can change the entire look of a bathroom. Experiment with different kinds of light from every angle, or consider adding a window if your bathroom is on an exterior wall.

4. Upgrade your fixtures.

Upgrading your bathroom fixtures one-by-one gives you the same effect as a remodel, without feeling like such a project. Switch out your sink, then your tub, then your toilet – before you know it, you will have a completely new bathroom!

5. Play with paint.

Freshening up your bathroom could be as easy as switching up the color pallet. Re-paint, change the curtains, or add new tile – use this opportunity to get creative!

Want to spruce up the bathroom in your Colorado home? Whether you are in the market for a complete remodel or just a new fixture, trust Re-Bath of Pueblo to get the job done right! As Patterson Plumbing’s trusted bathroom remodeling division, we can turn the bathroom of your dreams into a reality. If you live in Pueblo County or the surrounding area, give us a call at (719) 404-4242.

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