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With the first day of summer just days away and the heat already taking it’s toll – you may have started cranking your air conditioners. So in preparation for another hot summer season, many people are going to be looking to keep cool while keeping costs down.

As such – before you make any major changes to your home’s air-conditioning, here are a few myths to watch out for:

Myth: Upgrading to a larger unit will provide better results.

Fact: If you resort to upgrading to a larger unit – you won’t be cooling your home effectively and instead, increasing your energy use! As with any appliance, your AC needs some TLC. Before you think it’s time to replace your air conditioner, give it a good cleaning and call us for a tune-up. Also be sure to check for any cracks or air leaks around the windows and home. Poor insulation can let the air escape.

Myth: Cranking the temperature down will cool my home faster.

Fact: Central air conditioners are designed to work consistently to reach your desired temperature, then shut off. That being said, turning the temperature down won’t actually cool it faster – but rather make your home frigid when it finally does reach that setting. If you use window units however, switching to a high setting WILL cool it faster (just make sure to readjust when comfortable).

Myth: It’s more efficient to leave your AC running all day than to raise/lower the temperature.

Fact: Programmable thermostats are a great way to save money on energy bills during both the winter and summer months. Take advantage of setting your thermostat while you aren’t home to dramatically cut down on energy usage.

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