Your washing machine is one of the hardest working appliances in your home and thus, it’s important to keep it in good working condition. Add loads of convenience to your life for years to come with these washing machine maintenance tips from Real Simple Magazine:

  1. Between uses, leave the lid of the washing machine open – the air drying helps curb mildew growth.
  2. Once a month, throw in a bleach-free washer cleaner to blast away odor-causing residue. Run the machine empty on a hot cycle.
  3. Confirm your washer is level! Having an unlevel washer can cause vibrations that not only damage your floor, but may prematurely wear out key components like the shock absorbers and tub bearings – plus who wants to listen to that noise? Place a level on top of the machine and adjust its feet (which typically screw up or down accordingly). If you are still having problems keeping it level, place a piece of plywood down thats a little larger than the machine’s base to help absorb some vibrations.
  4. Washer hoses can bulge and tear over time, be sure to check them out and replace them when necessary. Don’t wait until your home is flooded before the new hoses are considered!

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