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One of the most common problems for homeowners in Pueblo County, Colorado is frozen pipes. With winter approaching, you don’t want a small burst in your home’s plumbing system to cause some big damage. Follow these five steps from Patterson Plumbing to prepare your pipes for the cold season:

1. Turn off and drain your outdoor water lines.

Outdoor pipes are the most susceptible to freezing during the winter months. Turn off and drain your outdoor water lines (i.e. pool, sprinkler system, etc.) at the start of the winter season.

2. Disconnect and store away garden hoses.

If your home has a shut-off valve for external faucets, turn it off.

3. Insulate the pipes inside your home.

Pipe insulation is cheap, easy to install, and a cost-effective way to prevent frozen pipes. Make it a priority to insulate pipes that run along your home’s exterior walls, as these are the most prone to freezing.

4 .Seal any air leaks located near your pipes.

A chilly draft blowing directly on a pipe makes it more likely to freeze. Scan your exterior walls for air leaks and seal them accordingly.

5. Take extra precautions when you leave the house.

Winter is a busy travel season. Whether you are leaving town to vacation or visit your family, keep the following tips in mind so you don’t come home to any surprises:

  • Keep your thermostat set to at least 60° at all times.
  • Keep cabinet doors open so warm air can circulate to the pipes.
  • Turn on a faucet to create a small, steady drip.

Patterson Plumbing offers professional plumbing repair services to homeowners in Pueblo and Canon City, Colorado. Contact us online to schedule your same-day service, or give us a call at (719) 544-4922.

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