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Nothing is better than a long, hot shower on a cold winter day. Conversely, nothing is worse than running out of hot water halfway through it. Does this sound familiar? If you constantly find yourself using up all the hot water in your home, it is probably due to one of these reasons.

The demand is too high.

Is everyone in your household showering one after another? Or using the washing machine, dishwasher, and bathtub simultaneously? These activities can put a lot of strain on any hot water heater, and yours may not have the capacity to keep up with demand. Try shortening your showers or waiting 15 minutes in between users and see if that helps.

There is a sediment buildup.

As water from the outside enters your heater, it brings with it minerals such as calcium carbonate. Over time, these minerals accumulate in your tank in the form of sediment. This decreases efficiency, so it is important to flush out your tank at least once per year to clear the build up. You can do this yourself or call a professional plumber.

Your hot water tank is too old.

Your hot water troubles could boil down to the simple fact that your water heater is too old. Like any home appliances, hot water tanks lose their ability to heat as they age. The average water heater has a lifespan of just over ten years, so if yours is much older than that you should consider getting it replaced.

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