How long have they been in business?

A company that advertises long term warranties but has only been in business a year or two might be something to give some thought to.  It’s OK to offer long term warranties, and the company may be doing business and building a brand for themselves that indicate that they are going to be around a long time to cover their warranty claims, after all every company has to cover one once in a while no matter how good they are.  But what if a company is new to the market, offering long term warranties, and does not have good customer reviews and comments let alone a high BBB rating.  That company’s claims to offer long term warranties are not too valuable to you.

Are they locally owned or a national company?

Either one can be good or bad. A local company usually has an owner who is concerned with his own reputation in the community as it is affected by his relationship with his company. He is likely available to help clear up issues that might come up with service or quality. On the other hand national companies generally have significant corporate standards that they have to live by. Sometimes these are motivated only by profits but often they are motivated by an understanding that repeat and referral business is the key to success and that without those customers willing to spend more money with them on subsequent visits they will soon run out of customers. The real goal should be to find a company that is the best of both worlds, local with high standards of quality service. This company is concerned about building long term customer relationships by providing consistently high quality. They have a vested interest in the community since the owner and all the employees live there.

Are they fully licensed and insured?

This is a biggie.  There are lots of people out there performing similar service out of their garage or the back of their pick-up or van. Although the end result might be similar for a lot less money what happens when something goes wrong. You might as what could go wrong? Let me tell you. After being in business for almost 30 years in our community we’ve seen many things that can and do go wrong. Employees have been injured while performing their work in the home. Property has been accidentally damaged. We’ve seen jobs that have been done that don’t meet standard building codes and the customer has had to pay a reputable company to re-do them after paying the first person to do it wrong. It’s important to make sure the company you hire is licensed and fully insured. This protects you from accidents and the company buying permits for the work they do and then having that work inspected puts another set of eyes on the project to confirm that it was done safe and correctly.

What about the individuals that are dispatched to your home?

Just because the company passes all the tests doesn’t mean that each of their employees will. What should you look for in a technician and how can you check them out? Click here to read our post.

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