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When it comes to your home heating system, you can usually hear a problem before you see it. Keep your ears peeled for these strange sounds coming from your furnace– they could mean that trouble is on the horizon.

Constant Clicking

Clicking sounds are a normal occurrence when you first turn on your furnace, but if they don’t stop, it could be cause for concern. More times than not, a constant clicking sound is indicative of a problem with the ignition. The sound that you hear is the burner trying to ignite, but failing to produce a flame. This is a problem that should be left to a trained technician.

Booming or Popping

It is not uncommon for older furnaces to make a loud popping or booming sound when the furnace engages. The most likely cause of this is a build-up of gas in the combustion chamber, caused by a delay in the ignition sequence – usually due to dirt on the burner. You should call a professional HVAC service immediately if you experience this noise, especially if it smells like gas near the furnace.

High-Pitched Squealing

Your furnace has many moving parts inside of it – such as belts, fans, and motors. When one of these moving parts becomes loose or damaged, your furnace may emit a squealing sound to let you know that not all is well. Another possible cause for this noise is insufficient lubrication. Since there are so many components that could be responsible for the squealing, it is best to leave the troubleshooting to a licensed technician.

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