If you’ve been noticing that your boiler isn’t it’s usual self, it might be breaking down. But how can you tell the difference between it needing a little TLC, and breaking down for good? Here’s how! These six points are the best way of determining whether your boiler is on its last legs, and that its days are numbered.

Water heater repair Pueblo CO

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Water heater repair Pueblo CO: Have you needed more repairs than usual lately?

The first and most obvious point is this: if your heater has needed repair after repair, it’s likely to not last much longer. Repeated breakdowns could be because of a number of factors. It could be either the fact that your boiler is getting too old; or it could be that you had a poor quality model installed. Whatever the case, having repeated repairs is a bad sign, not to mention a waste of money.

It’s a good rule of thumb that if your current repairs cost more than half of what a brand new boiler would set you back, then repairs are a waste of time. But even if the cost of a repair is relatively cheap, if we have to keep making service calls to fix your boiler, that’s just as bad. If you aren’t sure whether you should repair or replace your boiler, don’t be afraid to ask a professional- we don’t bite!

Water heater repair Pueblo CO: Is your water not as warm as it used to be?

Moving on from the obvious signs, and onto the subtle ones: have you either noticed that your water isn’t as warm as it used to be, or that it takes longer to get warm? Alternatively, have you noticed that some faucets take much longer than they used to to turn hot, and some which won’t warm up no matter how long you wait? These can be difficult changes to spot, since they generally happen over a long period of time. But if you do realise that your water isn’t as warm as it ought to be, that’s a surefire sign that your boiler is playing up.

There are a few reasons why your boiler might not be heating your water properly. It could be something simple, like low pressure. Or it could be something more complex to do with how fuel reaches the burner, or how easily the heat transfers to your water supply once it’s produced. Again, though, it could simply be that your boiler is coming to the end of its expected lifespan.

Water heater repair Pueblo CO: Are your heating costs ballooning?

If your boiler is needing to use more and more energy just to heat your water, this might be difficult for you to notice. But where you might see the effects of this problem are in your utility bill. Whereas a fully efficient boiler might only take a matter of minutes to heat a certain amount of water, one that’s the wrong side of twenty years old might take a lot longer. In other words, it takes older and less efficient boilers far more energy to do the same job as a lovely modern one. But there’s no way for you to notice that unless you keep a close eye on the amount of money you’re shelling out every month for utilities.

Again, this is another great argument to have your boiler replaced rather than repaired. While a repair might help solve the problem for now, it’s no better than sticking a bandaid on a broken bone. It’s far better to bite the bullet and have your boiler replaced now, instead of needing repair after repair, and burning a hole in your wallet. Our heating bills are already expensive enough as it is!

Water heater repair Pueblo CO: Is your boiler making strange noises?

Another sure sign that your boiler is struggling is that it starts to make strange noises. Now, there are a few noises that a boiler might make: many of them are perfectly natural and normal. For instance, it’s normal to hear your boiler turning on just after you turn on your faucet or shower. But it’s unusual to hear it working all the time, as this might be a sign that your boiler needs repairing or replacing.

And apart from everyday humming, there are a few noises to look out for. If you can regularly hear rattling or clanking, there might be something mechanically wrong with your boiler. And if you can hear unusual popping, hissing or gurgling noises then this might be a problem with the water pressure coming from your boiler. Low pressure, one of the most common problems in steam boilers, is caused by a leak somewhere in the system. So it might actually be possible to repair the problem in just one service call. The trick is finding the leak!

Water heater repair Pueblo CO: Think… How old is your heating system?

If your steam boiler is getting on in years, this can easily lead to your boiler breaking down. It’s like growing old. Your joints start to ache, your knees pop when you crouch, your back aches all day if you don’t sleep just right… And maybe you start to lose your hair, or go gray. There’s nothing necessarily wrong with you that a doctor could disagnose: you’re just getting on in years. Boilers and furnaces are the same.

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