Turning on a faucet, adjusting the heat, loading the dishwasher – all things we don’t give much thought to… until there’s a problem. Many types of plumbing issues can happen in your home that easily can disrupt your daily routine.

At Patterson Plumbing & Heating, we know that many homeowners may not care to know all the details regarding their plumbing system – especially when you have us on call to fix any problems quickly and efficiently. However, learning a bit about common plumbing problems and causes can help in the long run.

Below we’ve listed the top 10 frequent plumbing issues, along with causes you can easily spot in your home before they get worse:

  1. No hot water – If your water heater is too small it will not be able to supply adequate hot water for your home.
  2. Clogged drains – Often caused by miscellaneous debris such as hair (in the bathroom sink) and food items (in the kitchen sink).
  3. Dripping faucet – Frequently caused by worn seal or a washer.
  4. Leaking pipes – Often times leaks are caused when connections to other piping loosens or the pipes have rusted; leading to the growth of mold.
  5. Water found in your basement – The source may be the water heater. Water heaters tend to leak when they are old and the tank has begun to rust.
  6. No heat – Homes with radiant heat will often have a boiler.  If the boiler isn’t heating the water, it is malfunctioning and requires maintenance.
  7. Running toilet – This take places when the flapper is not making a seal, causing water to run into the bowl.
  8. Toilet leak – This normally can happen by a wax ring that is old and worn.
  9. Dishwasher leaks – These leaks may develop if there’s a loose fitting or if a drain is clogged.
  10. Garbage disposal not working – This problem occurs when the unit is unplugged or needs a system reset.  If you hear a humming noise it’s most likely due to an obstruction or jammed disposal.

Is there a plumbing issue you’ve spotted that’s disrupting your day-to-day routine? Contact one of our experienced technicians at Patterson Plumbing & Heating to fix the problem right away: 719-544-4922.

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