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With young children in a home, it’s important to remember how dangerous ordinary things can quickly become. In honor of National Baby Safety Month, we want to provide some tips on baby-proofing your living space, at least where your plumbing and heating is concerned:

Cover Pipes. Exposed pipes can pose risk, especially the hot water pipes leading to your radiator. Securely cover them with pipe insulation to avoid burns.

Install Toilet Locks. Toilet seats and covers are blunt and heavy, that last thing you want to risk is your child squishing their fingers or even falling into the bowl and getting stuck. A baby proof toilet latch is the best way to keep your child safe.

Make Use of Baby Gates. Baby gates can easily block off areas of the home that aren’t appropriate for playtime, like the laundry room or surrounding stairs.

Secure HVAC vents. Ensure your air vents are screwed in tight, if they are lose their edges can pose risk. You may also want to use plastic air vent covers to prevent little ones from putting things inside.

Lower the Heat. To prevent scalds and burns, lower your water heater’s temperature to 120 degrees Fahrenheit and to play it safe, continue to check the temperature of the water during bath time.

With the right preparation, your home will be safe for kids to roam. If you notice anything unusual about your plumbing or HVAC systems while taking the steps to baby proof, contact us. At Patterson Plumbing & Heating, we’re available for all of your plumbing and heating needs. Give one of our expert technicians a call today: 719-544-4922. Don’t forget to LIKE us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for more updates and industry news.

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