Patterson Plumbing & Heating were a good company, but they are expensive. I have a friend who is a friend of the Patterson’s and she can’t afford them. The issue I had was that we had a furnace that for years every time we had a problem with it we would call Patterson. Unbeknownst to us over a period of time they were actually breaking our furnace. Keep in mind our house is only 16 years old now. At one point in time they told us it could go for how many number of years or it might not, so they kinda of talked us into a new furnace. So we actually ordered a furnace through them which was going to cost us approximately $8000 and we thought about it for a day and thought we wished we hadn’t done that. So we called them back and canceled the order. They were fine with that and everything and in the meantime we went with someone else. Our furnace is still going and that was 4-5 years ago. We feel like it is operating better now than when it was being maintained by Patterson. The thing I did like about them was that they wore the booties into the house, so they didn’t track through stuff. They were conscientious  when they were in your home about not slamming the doors and things like that. They were the only company we dealt with for many years and they just were way out of range. They are basically a good company, I just don’t know what the deal was with the furnace. We have used Patterson Plumbing & Heating in the past. We used them several times for our furnace.
Tim Kiley

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