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Looking for solutions for both heating and cooling Pueblo CO? The problem, though, is being able to find a solution to both. Introducing: the heat pump. In this article, we’ll discuss why heat pumps make an ideal solution to both warm weather and cold.

The heat pump is a new concept to many home owners, who are more used to furnaces for keeping warm, and normal AC units for keeping cool. The idea may be relatively new, but heat pumps work in a way we’re all familiar with- more on that later. Homes all across the country use this heating and cooling source to stay nice and warm in winter, and sweat-free in the summer. For that reason, then, the heat pump ranks highly on many people’ list of useful home appliances.

Interested in finding out if a heat pump could solve the problems you face at present? Then let’s take at the benefits – and drawbacks – of the heat pump.

Heating and Cooling Pueblo CO

Feeling cold? Have a heat pump installed! Image courtesy of Storyblocks.

Heating and Cooling Pueblo CO: The Simplest Solution

The main requirement most people have when choosing heating and cooling is simplicity. Nobody wants a system that feels like you have to crack a code just to turn on. Also, nobody wants a system that costs them more than it saves. The heat pump changes all of that. Super-simple to use and very easy to work with, they deliver great heating and cooling as well as great value for money.

If you don’t already know, the simplest way to describe a heat pump would be to say that it’s an AC system but inverted. Instead of producing cool air, it takes cool air and heats it up, thus making your home much warmer. So unlike a furnace or boiler, it doesn’t need to use fuel to heat your home. They operate using a thermostat just like an AC conditioner, and keep your home a constant temperature, whether it’s hotter or cooler outside.

So now that you know a little more about what heat pumps are and how they work, let’s take a look at why you should consider having one installed in your home.

Heating and Cooling Pueblo CO: Heat Pump Pros

Without doubt, heat pumps offer one of the simplest ways for heating a home.

  • Heat pumps don’t use fuel to generate heat, just electricity. Many other heating options might be just as effective, but are likely far more damaging to the environment in the long-term.
  • To have a heat pump installed, you don’t need to undertake major renovations of your home. Furnaces need venting, and boilers need radiators and plumbing to install; not heat pumps.
  • By using the same components as an AC unit, heat pumps operate the same way- just in reverse. If you have or used to have an AC unit, you’ll understand exactly how to use one.
  • One of the main pros of heat pumps, though, is their sheer efficiency. Many other systems, such as a furnace, see a lot of waste energy. Much of the energy is wasted as the air cools while it travels through your venting system. This limits the quality of heat that you can get – as well as the efficiency. However, a heat pump has nothing like the same problems.

So, with that in mind, you can surely see why so many turn to heat pumps. What, though, are some of the concerns that exist around heat pumps? Are there any reasons why you might want to consider the alternatives?

Heating and Cooling Pueblo CO: Heat Pump Potential Concerns

Really, the only concern would be maintenance. If your heat pump gets old and breaks down, you’ll not be able to use it for either heating or cooling, which is inconvenient. But so long as you look after your heat pump, it can deliver highly efficient heating. It’s generally safer and simpler to use than other heating solutions like furnaces and boilers, since it doesn’t burn gas.

Space is not a particular concern. Heat pumps are the same size as AC units, so if you already have an AC unit, furnace or boiler, then you won’t be using any more space than you do already. Even better, heat pumps don’t necessarily require ducts if you only want to heat one room in your home. If you have a furnace, your heat pump can be linked up to the same ductwork, again saving on space.

This should make it easy for you to decide if a heat pump is a good choice for you. Making the choice can be a challenge, but it’s by no means an impossibility. You should look to speak with a heat pump installation contractor like us first and foremost. We can help you to see if installation of a heat pump makes sense in your household. Don’t just decide that you want one; it has to be a logical, affordable and space-friendly choice.

Heating and Cooling Pueblo CO: Making The Decision

So, what do you think? Are you interested in having a heat pump installed? There are no better HVAC professionals in the Pueblo CO area than Patterson Plumbing. We’re experienced at installing heating and cooling systems, and we’ll ensure you get the quality that you deserve. We’re a family owned business that has been helping Pueblo residents with all things HVAC for decades now. So why not give us a call? One of our friendly office staff would be more than happy to help, and we even offer free consultations!

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