When cleaning your kitchen, always start with the sink. An empty, sparkling sink becomes your kitchen’s model for hygiene and tidiness, motivating you to load the dishwasher immediately and keep counters, stove tops, and cabinet doors spick-and-span as well. For some smart ways to clean – see some of the below tips from Buzzfeed, just be sure to have baking soda, salt, lemons, or white vinegar on hand:

 Natural cleaners. Vinegar, baking soda, salt and lemon.

Clean a stainless steel sink with baking soda – sprinkle baking soda evenly and scrub with an old toothbrush (or sponge) and voila! Clean sink.

Clean a stainless steel sink with salt and a lemon – Combine lemon juice and salt until the mixture reaches the consistency of toothpaste. Apply this to brass, copper, or stainless steel sinks and scrub gently. When finished, rinse with water!

Clean a garbage disposal with lemon and white vinegar – Slice lemons into small pieces and place them into an ice tray with white vinegar. Once frozen, pop out a few cubes and run them through the disposal every few days to keep it fresh!

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