After further inspection we were able to locate the item (an old air conditioning pump). So no missing or stolen items, which is a huge relief. Also talked to the owner of Patterson’s this morning and he was very understanding of the issues in regards to the ceiling and is addressing the issue. I would like to say that in over ten years and thousands of dollars in service from Patterson’s we as a family have never been disappointed with their work. This includes water softening systems, toilet replacement, furnace repair and maintenance and so much more. I have a more positive outlook in regards to our future with Patterson’s. Thank you Rick and Eric for your attention to my families needs. Additionally due to the series of events that lead us to this point it is important to note that I had a third party inspect the work Patterson’s did for the instillation and plumbing of the new AC unit and their direct competition could find no issues. So please check back for updates on the progress.

Rebecca L. Adame

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