Whether you need a new bathroom installed, or you’ve got a leaky pipe in the basement, you want to know that you’re hiring the best. And we understand that. But picking between the dozens of plumbers in the local area, as well as the wider metropolitan area including Colorado Springs and Denver, can be tough.

To help you get the very best service you can, we’ve posted the list below. We’ve thought long and hard about the most important things to think of when you’re picking out a plumber! So, without wasting any more time, here’s what we think you should look for.

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Reviews for plumbing in Pueblo CO

The very first thing that you should look for are reviews. Every single business in every single industry craves reviews. And that’s for a very good reason. They’re the simplest and easiest way of choosing between businesses, whether you have a shortlist of two or a long list of twenty to consider. So if you need plumbing in Pueblo CO, head for sites like Yelp where you can find plenty of reviews.

Of course, you can find your reviews anywhere. Many businesses, like ourselves, have reviews and testimonials on their own websites. This is a great way of seeing whether they get the basics right: are there a significant amount of reviews on there, and are they mostly good? Five stars, or ten out of ten? If so, they probably deserve to be on your shortlist.

Another point to consider is this: how long are the reviews? If a business gets a lot of five star reviews, but they don’t provide any detail, that’s not a bad sign in and of itself. But if there’s another business, and each of their reviews goes into lengthy detail about what makes them great, then they should win hands down. It’s so common to find five star reviews for average service, simply because they did what’s expected of them. Long, glowing reviews show that a business and their contractors go above and beyond the call of duty, and that’s a great sign.

Word of mouth

So, once you’ve narrowed down your shortlist, what do you do then? You can start asking around among friends and neighbors, for a start. Word of mouth reviews are a great tool for picking a company that you can trust. Why? Because online reviews could be from anyone. If your friends, neighbors or even your own mother recommend a business, it’s coming from somebody you can trust.

Local businesses for plumbing in Pueblo CO thrive on word of mouth. If somebody has a negative experience, they’re sure to tell their friends. They’re sure to tell their family. And word spreads around town pretty quick! That’s why we’re careful, in every single service call we make, to provide the best possible plumbing in Pueblo CO. If we didn’t, we’d quickly be out of business. Word of mouth can quickly help you narrow down your list.


Of course, when you’re hiring a plumber, you have to think about their level of expertise. If a plumber has been plying their trade for twenty years, then you can rest assured that when you call them in, they’ll know exactly what they’re doing. This is the case whether your plumbing is new or old. If you have an old fashioned boiler and radiators, this can be a challenge for a plumber who hasn’t regularly encountered that. They might not understand what is stopping your system  from working, whereas a more experienced plumber would.

One thing you can do is to ask your plumber before you hire them whether they’re used to dealing with a certain problem. The vast majority of plumbers are honest, and will tell you if they don’t. Many will even recommend somebody else for you. The reason is that they don’t want to waste your time, or their own, trying to fix a problem that they might simply make worse!

Alternatively, you can always check their registration with the State Plumbing Board of Colorado. Every plumber needs a license to operate, and must go through a practical test before they receive it. and depending on their level of experience, can be either a Residential Plumber, a Journeyman Plumber or a Master Plumber- Master Plumbers of course being the most experienced. So when you’re making your shortlist, you can pick only the most experienced!

Get quotes

Finally, once you’ve selected just a few plumbers to choose from, you have one last way of picking the right one for you. Before you have work done, every plumber should tell you roughly what their work will cost. Of course, it’s impossible to be exact; perhaps a problem turns out to be bigger (or smaller!) than anticipated. Or perhaps the cost of parts goes up as more and more things have to be replaced. Or, simply, the job could take longer than it normally does for any number of reasons.

But when you talk to a plumber over the phone, or in person, you can always ask how much something normally costs. Say you know exactly what the problem is: you need a tankless hot water heater installed. Now, based on previous experience, your plumber should be able to tell you how much a job like that would cost. You can ask each plumber on your shortlist, and take the quoted price into account when you make your final decision. That should be enough to decide who to go for when you need plumbing in Pueblo CO!

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