Besides controlling the roots, replacing or rehabilitating the pipe is the most permanent solution, and with most circumstances you have multiple options here as well.

Once roots have found an opening in your sewer line they are tenacious in their effort to get nutrients and water through that opening.  No matter what you do to remove the roots these measures are temporary at best.  The most common approach to a permanent solution is to dig up the line and replace the old system whether it is clay, cast iron, or a failed PVC system.  In this process we take extreme care in protecting and preserving landscape and property, but obviously the location and depth of the line and in some cases concrete slabs and even some out buildings may prohibit or limit the ability to use this option.

Other options are lining or bursting systems that can replace the drain system with little or no digging at all.

Root damage inside the pipe

After lining of the pipe.

These option provides significant savings of time and money when landscape and patios are considered.  As always, with any of these options, the corrective action starts with a proper video
inspection of the existing system.  This is needed both to examine the condition of your system and to explore multiple options in providing solutions to your needs.

One final note, something we have noticed recently with some of the sewer line back up issues, is that some insurance policies have started to limit their liability towards the damage caused by sewer line back ups, especially if they are a result of root penetration into the pipe.  Some policies require a specific rider dealing with this, others have denied claims all together, based on the insureds “lack of maintenance.”  Because of the obvious costly nature of dealing with the clean up, the harmful bacteria, potential mold,  and just the water damage alone associated with such floods, checking with your insurance provider to go over your  coverage might be a good idea. Because of the expensive nature of a claim like this it would be better to be proactive than reactive when dealing with your insurance claim.

Patterson Plumbing & Heating has several options for  permanently solving root problems including the Perma-Liner sewer pipe re-lining system.  Call for us to evaluate your problem and possible solutions.  719-544-4922 or schedule on line at

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