The job took four days and five crew to Rough in plumbing for second floor bath including shower pan, whirlpool tub, toilet, and sink. Waterlines, drains and vents rough in plumbing for kitchen including  sink, dishwasher, ice maker,and hot water heater and associated waterlines drains and vents.  Install water filter/softener.

Day 1, 4 crew showed up at 9 (we live 40 min from shop) crew got right to work 1 started breaking cement for floor drain 2 started marking out the layouts and verifying them with me 1 unloaded materials.  By the end of day 1 cement was broke out to foundation wall drains and waterlines were laid to where they would branch.
Day 2,  3 crew from day 1 and guy to install filter system showed at 9.  1 guy worked outside digging trench to where they were going to tie the floor drain to main (temp 26) 2 ran drains 1 ran waterlines and hooked up filter system.
Day 3, 2 crew ran vents and pressured for inspection .
Day 4, 2 crew waited for inspector then fixed 2 minor problems, patched cement, backfilled trench, and ran vent through roof and sealed.

Norman Habersat

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