Over time outdoor water faucets wear down. So while you’re dewinterzing your home and preparing for warmer weather, you may want to consider replacing outdoor faucets with newer models:

  • First, shut off the water that feeds the spigot. You may need to shut off the house’s main water supply valve, or another valve closer to the outdoor line. Open the faucet completely to drain out all the water.
  • Next, with a wrench and a pair of adjustable pliers, hold the wrench on the water pipe to keep it still while slowly turning the pliers around the pipe that is connected to the faucet counterclockwise until the faucet is loose.
  • Once loosened, unscrew the faucet by the hand in a counterclockwise motion. Use a stiff brush to clean the pipe threads from any rust or debris. Then wrap the threads with plumber’s tape to ensure a strong seal.
  • After going to the home improvement store with the old faucet to select a new one that meets the same specs, screw this new faucet onto the pipe by hand until tightened.
  • Finish it off by tightening with the wrench and pliers. You may want to cover the faucet with a towel to protect it’s finish from getting chipped or scratched.

Once it’s tightened, turn back on your water supply and open the faucet to check for leaks. No you should be all set to begin gardening season without wasting water from sneaky drips. If you have other plumbing related questions contact us here at Patterson Plumbing & Heating today!

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