Wishing for more space in your kitchen won’t get you very far. It’s all about working with the space you do have. And we have some tips to help you manage your space accordingly!


De-clutter your counterMove your paper towel holder behind closed doors! Don’t worry, no skills are needed to install this – the holder simply clips right onto the cabinet door and holds itself in place. A coffee cup rack next to your coffee machine works wonders too!

Free up some cabinet space – Consider installing a ceiling mounted rack with a built in light fixture. This way you are able to hang glassware like wine glasses or lightweight pots and pans over head, without sacrificing cabinet space or light!

Add some shelving space – By inserting wire racks in your cabinets, you can really maximize space. With different heights and widths to choose from – you can keep different sized dishes and bowls stacked right on top of each other.

Install a pull out pantry – A slim pullout pantry can be installed in even the tightest of places. Keep all jars, bottles, and cans between appliances or other cabinets – while still conveniently reaching the items in the back!

Open up the room – Remove your kitchen door or better still – have the kitchen opening widened or a wall removed. This will open up more space to add additional functionality – think rolling island/cart that can be moved into place when extra counter space is needed or stored away if unused.

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