I spent $3000.  The work was very good.  They were very clean and professional.  They wore booties on the bottom of their shoes.  They kept everything clean, but they were expensive.  They were very good.  The employees were respectful and decent.  They had like a whole team that came out once I gave the go ahead.  I felt really good about that.  I wouldn’t grade them the highest just because I thought they quoted me $1000 to change the heater in the heater room from propane to natural gas.  I went around and bought the heater for $350 and got it installed with somebody else for $400, so I thought they were trying to get me that way.  I would not use them in the future again.
I used Patterson Plumbing & Heating one and a half months ago.  They converted my propane line to natural gas.  They converted my furnace to natural.
Maria Kreider

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