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A small kitchen has its advantages – everything is within arms reach, its cozy, and there’s not a lot of counter space or floor tile you need to scrub clean. However it also can be tough making things NOT feel cluttered.

Make the most of your small space while adding beauty to your kitchen with these creative ideas from Better Homes and Gardens:

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  1. Hanging storage – Keep bulky pots and pans hung overhead and everyday items in reach by attaching them to your backsplash. Now you’ll never replace that 1/4 teaspoon again.
  2. Create a sliding spice rack – Ditch the lazy susan and utilize a handy pullout cabinet to store spices, oils, and herbs within arms reach.
  3. High storage – Top a window or doorway between rooms with a wide ledge for storage and display.
  4. Use chalkboard paint – Whether on the back of your pantry door at the end of a row of cabinets – utilize this space for jotting down notes and grocery lists all while adding some design to your kitchen.
  5. Creative counter space – Stow and go solutions are a must in a small kitchen space. Consider adding a rolling cart that stays tucked away under a center island to provide additional workspace as needed. Bonus it can be wheeled throughout the kitchen for where you need it, when you need it.
  6. Wine storage – If you have a tiny, narrow cabinet – remove the door, add some small shelves and viola! You have the perfect spot for storing extra wine bottles

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