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Though we may try and fight it, aging is inevitable – and if you plan on staying in your home for the long run, it’s important to pre-plan for your future comfort. Easily make your bathroom a safer place for years to come with the below updates:

Create the right lighting – Glare is a common issue in the bathroom and sconces on each side of the mirror are easier on the eyes than overhead lighting. Consider increasing the amount of natural light in the bathroom by installing a skylight or updating a window. And finally, be sure your shower area is well lit!

Install grab bars – We know what you’re thinking – those heavy-looking bars that are found in commercial bathrooms should go in the home? Not quite. Grab bars now include caddy shelves, towel rods, and toilet paper holders that will do double duty without being an eye sore. Choose fixtures to go along with the bathroom’s aesthetic and install properly so they can support weight if used. Place them at the entrance to the shower or tub, inside the shower, and near the toilet.

Install nonslip floors – Slick tile isn’t safe for anyone. Since the floor is bound to get wet, look for slip-resistant tile or vinyl. The more textured the tile, the less slippery it is. Additionally, ceramic tiles have adopted a slip-resistance number system – so choose tiles with a higher number for better slip resistance.

Consider your tub and shower options – Getting in and out of the bathtub can be difficult for people with mobility issues. Walk-tubs including a door to enter and exit from may be a good choice for your family otherwise a curbless shower stall can be easily accessible. Someone using a walker can easily enter and exit the shower, and parents can conveniently bath their young children or pet. Install a handheld shower head with at least a 6 foot long hose for reach and a fold up seat should it be needed.

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