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For any home owner, one of the most important ‘tools’ you have is your air conditioner. If your security systems are what keep you safe, your air conditioning is what keeps you happy. It helps to stop those stressful, sweaty days spent hiding from the heat during the summer. However, over time, an AC unit will begin to fail, lose performance and need to be repaired or replaced. In this article, we’ll take a look at the main problems your AC unit is likely facing. The first issue we believe is most common in AC repair is filtration failure!

Air Conditioner Repair Pueblo CO

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Air Conditioner Repair Pueblo CO: Filtration Failure

So, the most common problems that your AC unit would be likely to deal with are filtration issues. These issues can seem innocuous at first, and usually will only cause very minor drops in performance. However, over time, as that filter gets clogged with dirt and grime, it will really reduce output. When that happens, you’ll have to empty it out and make sure it’s at full capacity once again. You can do this yourself if you know how, or have an AC contractor do it for you when you get an AC tune-up before the summer.

Filtration issues should not be ignored. If you keep putting it off, then you can be sure that the filter will fail. The more time that filter spends clogged up and full of junk, the less efficient if becomes. This is costing you money every single day – so don’t hold back on getting it fixed.

A filter change once per month is a necessity, in our opinion. While it depends on AC usage and where you live, it’s a general rule of thumb we recommend. It’s like changing a filter in the car; leave it for long enough and it’ll cause you a headache. Do yourself a favor, then, and either change it yourself or hire an AC professional.

Air Conditioner Repair Pueblo CO: Drainage Decay

Another common problem is to do with drainage. When your AC unit is under operation, it creates water. This is because the air in your home is essentially evaporated. This allows it to both cool and heat the refrigerant (more on that below). Without a well-managed drainage system, though, your AC unit is going to become far less effective long-term.

Ideally, the water should be put through a condensate pipe. If this does not happen, or it’s not happening enough the AC unit will pool water somewhere else instead. To help you spot this particular issue, just look for a puddle forming underneath the AC unit. This could mean that your drainage pipes clogged up. Another common problem is that condensed water will freeze if the pipe is not the right size, or if it’s particularly cold outside.

Naturally, you should look to have the system fixed ASAP. As ever, hire an expert in air conditioning repair in Pueblo, CO, if you are unsure of anything.

Air Conditioner Repair Pueblo CO: Refrigerant Problems

As mentioned above, refrigerant causes more problems than most people would ever be likely to notice. This is probably the most worrying problem with an AC unit, and you shouldn’t try to repair any problem involving leaking refrigerant yourself.

The main reason is that refrigerant itself is very toxic – dangerously so. This means, in terms of correcting the issues, equipment and experience matters a great deal. A technician can solve the problem for you a lot easier than you could. Trust us, it’s far better than falling ill due to refrigerant toxicity.

The main cause of such damages and leaks are broken pipes and seals. Solving such a problem long-term is a nightmare itself. Doing it when there is the potential for toxic material being near you? We cannot recommend it enough. You might like a bargain and/or see yourself as a DIY expert; in this case, though, it’s not worth risking your health.

Air Conditioner Repair Pueblo CO: The Passing of Time

Of course, your AC unit might just be growing old. Wear and tear damages everything over time. From the seals becoming less tight or cracked allowing efficiency to drop to filters becoming old and needing to be replaced, many reasons can let your AC unit down.

Worried that your old AC unit might need to be replaced? An AC contractor can find a way to help correct the problems at hand to avoid a full replacement service. Of course, if your AC unit is beyond repair, we can install another one for you instead. You can avoid a sweaty and stressful summer with the right replacement!

With the right choice of AC unit, you can make a wholesale change to how you feel. Managed accordingly, and with the above repairs taken care of, even the flimsiest of AC unit will last for many years. If you are serious about maximizing the lifespan of an AC unit, then, consider hiring an expert.

For anyone looking to correct an issue with their AC unit, why not give us a call? We can fix, repair or replace any AC unit and any problem you can throw at us. For years, our clients in the Pueblo CO area have relied on us for all things HVAC.  One of our friendly office staff would love to help, and we even offer free consultations. So it’s about time that you gave us a call!

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