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When thunderstorms creep into the forecast, the air is often hot and humid – the prime setting for keeping cool in your air conditioning. However as much as you may want to sit back and relax in the AC, keeping your unit running during a storm could be dangerous. Consider these reasons:

With thunder, comes lighting. Lightening is possible whenever you hear thunder. In fact, bolts can strike 10 miles or more from their point of generation and while a strike is rare, they are certainly possible. One strike to your electric could cause 5 billion joules of energy to surge through your wiring – toasting your AC unit.

Surge protectors don’t ward off a lightening strike. These devices are used for protecting appliances against power spikes, not the surge of a lightening strike. Even if your unit is plugged into a surge protector, if lightening hits your electric damage could still be done.

The damage done. While air conditioners are electrically insulated for safety, a strike to your electric could melt the plug and damage the electrical circuits in your unit’s control panel. If you have a central cooling system with an outdoor compressor, lightening could knock out the controls to your entire system if it hits while the unit is running. Repair will be a major one.

Whether you have a central air system or a window unit, air conditioners normally aren’t vulnerable to rain. In fact, running your system while raining can be beneficial as the evaporative coils inside the home draw moisture from the air and lower the humidity, which can make the space more comfortable on warm days.

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