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Leak Detection Pueblo, CO

Leaks are a serious problem. Knowing the signs can save you time and money. 

As a homeowner you understand that leaks happen. Small leaks or big leaks can translate into a big expense. Patterson Plumbing & Heating has been helping customers with leak detectionprevention, and repair for over 35 years. Here are a few helpful FAQs to help you. 

Signs of Water Leak 

What are the signs of a water leak? Well besides the obvious pooling in the basement or water pipe spraying water, the outside of your home can be a great indicator of a leak. Moss or greener vegetation around the home could indicate damaged pipes, valves, or even sprinklers. Toilets are one of the leading culprits of leaks inside the home. To check if your toilet is leaking, simply put a couple drops of red food coloring in the tank of the toilet and wait about 20 minutes. If any red dye shows up in the bowl of the toilet then you have a leak. Another sign of a water leak may be water around the base of the toilet or wet spots occurring on the ceiling of your home 


Different Kinds of Leaks 

There are several different kinds of leaks including toilet, underground, and irrigation. Water supply lines are usually easy to identify by their sound or visual signs of leaking or flooding. Older cast iron or copper pipes are more prone to rust and holes. Plumbing fixtures can have visible or even hidden leaks that aren’t always caught right away. 


Leak Detection 

A leak can account for up to 15% of your homes water usage if not taken care of right away. Detection ithe first step in ensuring your home is safe from major concerns and major damages. Kinetico offers a leak detection system that protects your home from leaks and floods. These systems can automatically shut off the water whenever a leak is detected. To learn more and see if a leak detection system is right for you, give us a call today at 719-544-4922 today! 

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