Let’s face the facts – it’s hot, and it’s going to get hotter as the summer months go by. As tempting as it is to crank the AC, having high energy bills aren’t good for your wallet or the environment.

So fight that urge, and check out the below tips for keeping your house cooler – naturally:

Image Credit: Creative Commons photo by olivander

Image Credit: Creative Commons photo by olivander

Vent at night – Take advantage of the drop in temperature, open your windows and doors in the evening to let a cooler breeze in. You can even create a wind tunnel by setting up your fans to create the perfect cross breeze.

Close up during the day – As the sun starts to rise, close up your windows, doors, and shades/blinds. Keeping your windows open on a hot day can equalize the indoor and outdoor temperature. But note, should the indoor temperature reach the same as outdoors, it’s time to open the window.

Switch on your bathroom fans (or exhaust fan in the kitchen) – These fans are made to pull the hot air that rises – out of your home.

Speaking of fans, rotate your ceiling fans counter-clockwise – Doing so at a higher speed produces airflow that creates a wind-chill breeze effect, which will make you and your guests ‘feel’ cooler.

Avoid the oven – If it already feels like 100 degrees in your home, turning on a 400 degree oven won’t make it feel any cooler. Opt for using your outdoor grill or select menu items that don’t require heating – like a salad or sandwiches.

Or for a more long term investment, look into planting trees on the side of your house that gets the most sun. Having extra shade will protect your home in the summer months.

Hopefully the above will help cool your home without you solely relying on air conditioning. For those extra hot days, just be sure your air conditioning unit is in proper working condition. When in doubt, give our air conditioning technicians at Patterson Plumbing & Heating a call!

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