I had a pipe break above my water heater, putting it out of use and flooding my basement. When I called USAA for an insurance quote, I was quoted an outrageous 1200$. I thought all hope was lost until a local family member gave me the number to Patterson Plumbing. From the moment I got on the phone with them, I felt a sense of relief, which would only get better by the hour. Within the 40 min (Mind you this was a late night call at 2000 hours) a technician was at my house to alleviate the issue. The first night, he was able to stop the leak temporarily in order to allow the water heater to dry up as much as possible, in order for him to diagram where the copper pipe needed to be replaced. I had some inclination that it was only a small section of pipe that was needing to be replaced. The next morning when the technician came over, he worked quickly and completely replaced the corroded copper tubing all the way to the main joint that connects the rest of the houses water. This act was absolutely above and beyond what I expected, and all at a great price! This company is extremely Veteran friendly and I will be recommending them to USAA for prefered local plumbing insurance claims. If you need any plumbing done I would highly recommend asking for Mike M!

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