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Do you know the people you invite into your home?  You might answer “of course I do, no one comes into my home without my knowing them.” And that is probably a very true statement most of the time since anyone invited into your home would be someone you know and trust. However, what about when you have the need to hire a home service or repair company? How do you know you can trust the person that is dispatched to your home, even if you called a longstanding reputable company? It’s important to know the background and reputation of the individual that is coming into your home to provide the service; after all it is that person that you will ultimately have to trust with your valuables and the welfare and safety of yourself and your family.

Unfortunately, today there are quite a few “shady” people with less than stellar reputations in the construction and home service industries and it falls to the homeowner to do the due diligence of protecting themselves and their families from such individuals.

Some questions that come to mind when we start thinking about the risk associated with hiring a home service company are . . .

  • How can I find out about the reputation of a service company?
  • What questions should I ask and to whom?
  • Is the company insured?  Does it matter?
  • What if they get hurt on the job in my home? Who is responsible?
  • How can I find out about the background of an individual employed by my company of choice?

We’ll help to address these important concerns and answer questions in the following posts.

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