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A lot can go wrong when remodeling your home. One small mishap during the design or installation process can turn the bathroom of your dreams into one from your nightmares. Everyone has different preferences and tastes, but this one piece of bathroom remodeling advice is sure to agree with everyone’s style.

So, what’s the tip?

If you want a visually appealing bathroom, don’t put the toilet directly in front of the door. Whatever is in front of the door generally becomes the focal point of your bathroom. When you open the door, it is the first thing you see. When you leave the door open, it is what your family and guests have to look at every time they walk by the bathroom.

And let’s face it – the toilet isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing fixture to look at. So, what can you do to hide your toilet? Here’s a few ways to keep it out of sight:

  • The room inside the room. If your bathroom and budget are big enough, you can create a separate room inside of your bathroom for your toilet. Not only does this keep the toilet out of sight, but two people can use the bathroom in privacy at the same time!

  • Build a half-wall. We don’t all have the space or money to divide our bathrooms, and we don’t need to. Building a half wall or a nib wall can easily get the job done for a fraction of the price.

  • Divert with art. When all else fails, draw the eye away from your toilet with an extravagant piece of art.

Looking for more ways to hide your toilet? This ideabook from Houzz offers plenty of solutions.

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