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What Does a Garbage Disposal Do?

A garbage disposal is designed to shred or break down food waste into smaller pieces that can be washed down your drains without clogging. They can help eliminate the amount of garbage you put into your waste bin and ultimately the garbage that ends up in our landfills.


How Can I Prevent the Need for Garbage Disposal Repair or Replacement?

Garbage disposals should be run regularly to keep clean and avoid build up. Food should be put through the garbage disposal at a moderate pace while running a good amount of water to ensure there is no issue of clogging. Also, starting the garbage disposal prior to putting food items into the disposal helps prevent clogs and ensures proper break down. Some items to avoid putting inside your garbage disposal include eggshells, banana and potato peels, grease, oils, coffee ground, and corn husks.


Why Does My Garbage Disposal Smell?

A foul or stinky smell coming from your garbage disposal is most often due to food or particle build up inside the disposal. To clean your garbage disposal, run hot water down it for 30-40 seconds with the disposal running. For a more thorough clean, plug and fill your sink with hot and soapy water. Then, release the plug and turn on the garbage disposal. This should loosen and remove any buildup of food particles stuck in the disposal. Another alternative way of cleaning your garbage disposal is to put a couple of ice cubes into it while it is running. The ice cubes will crush up and help remove any unwanted food particles or waste.

Another source of smell comes when a lower price point disposal is purchased and used.  You may ask how can that make a difference in smell?  Consider this, most manufacturers have a variety of garbage disposal price points.  In the box you will probably notice that the box is smaller for the less expensive models.  You may discern that this is just because the motor is a bit smaller or the insulation on the bargain unit is less making it noisier while running.  You may reason that I don’t use the disposal that much and “I don’t care if it’s a little louder and the smaller motor will be just fine for my needs.”  What you probably won’t consider is that most of the cheaper models have a galvanized steel grind chamber versus a stainless-steel chamber on the more expensive models.  So, what, they look the same when they’re new . . . steel is steel, right? WRONG!  Even if you don’t use the disposal that much water is constantly running though the grind chamber to drain your sink.  That water will begin to degrade the galvanized coating on the bargain model and very soon the grind chamber will start to corrode and rust.  This rusty surface is porous and holds onto grease and food particles and since it’s down in the disposal where you cannot scrub those particles away, they begin to “stink.”  Compare this to a stainless-steel grind chamber that is on most of the higher priced models after several years they still look almost new and shiny inside.  Nothing is sticking and holding onto the inside of the disposal to “stink.”


The Bottom Line – Don’t skimp when it comes to your garbage disposal, although it is largely unseen your sense of smell may remind you that you cut a corner you shouldn’t have.

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A Disposal After 5 Years of Use (Stainless steel grind chamber): 

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