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So your furnace has broken down. You’ve got no warm air, and no hot water. We’re sure that all you’re thinking about is getting warm again! But rather than jumping straight in to have your furnace repaired, have you considered having it replaced instead?

It’s worth thinking about, because this could be an opportunity to get a better or more fuel efficient model. Or it could be saving you money in the long run. Here are five things to consider when you’re trying to choose between repairing or replacing your old furnace.

Furnace repair Pueblo CO

When you need furnace repair Pueblo CO, this is the perfect time to consider alternatives. What about boilers? Or super efficient models of furnaces that can save you money? Image courtesy of Storyblocks.

Furnace repair Pueblo CO: Consider the age of your furnace

The first thing that you should think about when considering furnace repair is the age of your furnace. An in-depth study by the National Association of Home Builders and Bank of America back in 2007 came to the conclusion that furnaces typically operate at near-optimum efficiency for the first 15 to 20 years of their lifespan. After this point, you’re going to start needing repairs more and more often. So if you choose to have your furnace repaired this time, then all you’re doing is consigning yourself to wasting money in the future. Realistically, it’s far better to spend more now on a full replacement, in order to save money on keeping your age-old furnace in working order.

Of course, that doesn’t apply to every single home in America. Some furnaces can last a lot longer, and others won’t make it that long. But as a rule of thumb, if your furnace is already twenty years old and it’s starting to show signs of breaking down, then getting it repaired won’t be the end of your headache. So once your furnace or boiler does get to that age, choose replacement over repair.

Furnace repair Pueblo CO: How much would the repair cost versus a complete replacement?

It stands to reason that if you’re going to spend more money having your furnace repaired twice, than just having it replaced once, then you should have it replaced. Right? Of course! Naturally, though, it’s more difficult to judge this problem in real life. The simple reason being that we can’t predict the future perfectly: a repair might mean that your 15 year old boiler has another 10 years of life, or another 1. Sometimes it’s impossible to tell.

A good guideline to follow is this: if your repair is going to cost between a third and a half of the cost of a replacement, then you shouldn’t opt for a repair. The odds are that you’ll end up paying more over time if you just have one or two expensive parts replaced. Again, it’s better to pay more now, because you’ll be saving money in the future.

Furnace repair Pueblo CO: Are you waiting to change the kind of system you have anyway?

This is another reason why it might be best to replace your furnace rather than repair it. There are all sorts of home heating solutions out there. Boilers, combination boilers, single point of use water heaters, fuel efficient models, industrial strength models… The list goes on! There’s something to suit everybody, whether cost effective heating or power are your main concerns. So before your decide to stick with what you have, it might be worth looking into the options that are available to you. You might just find that you would prefer something new!

If there’s anything you don’t like about your furnace, then the next time that it breaks down might be the best time to replace it. You can say that you got the most that you could out of your old workhorse, and had it replaced when it just couldn’t cut it any more. And of course, after you have a replacement fitted, you can enjoy either savings or better heating- or both.

Furnace repair Pueblo CO: If you aren’t sure, why not ask us?

As you can tell from what we’ve been saying, choosing between replacing and repairing your furnace is difficult. But just like you wouldn’t want to replace your entire furnace yourself, it’s not always best to make the decision to do just that on your own either. Our contractors have seen it all, and repaired it all. We’ve been there, done that, and got the T-shirt- so to speak. So when it comes to making those educated guesses about having your furnace repaired or replaced, you can always ask us.

When you’re booking a service call with us, either online or over the phone, simply tell us what you’re thinking. Let us know that you aren’t sure what to do with your broken furnace. You can book in a service call to have one of our contractors come out and take a look for you. They can either repair whatever’s wrong with it there and then, or provide you further advice. Or, if you do decide to have your furnace replaced, they can book you in for as soon as they possibly can. Ultimately, the choice is yours.

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