Being handy around the house doesn’t have to be complicated. You can do your part by simply checking your home for common leaks. Not fixing these problems in a timely fashion not only can affect your home but your wallet as well.

In preparation for National Fix a Leak Week (March 17th – 23rd) we want to encourage everyone to check for leaks in their homes to save water and money.  Not sure how? See below and get started:

Check Pressure on the Hot Water Tanks – Spotting these kinds of leaks may not be visible. If you hear a hissing sound (which normally happens from a leak) it may be time to give us a call!

Leaky Toilet – Remove the top of the tank and listen closely for any hissing noise. If nothing is noticeable, try dropping food coloring into the tank (not the bowl). If color is found in the bowl minutes later, it means you have a leak in the flapper.

Check the Meter Line – Shut-off the valve and watch the dial on the top of the meter to see if it’s turning. If turning, the leak may be between the meter and the house. Look for obvious signs such as soft muddy areas, greener grass, or higher grown grass, and then give your plumber a call.

Locate the Hose Bibs – When located, take a screwdriver and put the metal tip on the hose-bib. Place your thumb on top of the screwdriver and move your ear next to your thumb. The screwdriver should work like a stethoscope. There might be a loud noise that comes out, if so you have located the problem. If no sound, go into your house and follow the same process to you faucet, shower valves, washer and hot water heater.

Other Leaks to Check For – Test out hoses, taps, drip irrigation systems, shower head and swimming pool for any leaks.

Can’t Recognize the Problem? – Not all leaks can be found, it’s always safe to get Patterson Plumbing & Heating’s option in case you missed something!  Give us a call at 719-544-4922 to take advantage of our promotion for a FREE comprehensive plumbing inspection and leak search for homeowners.

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