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Man cleaning the roof in autumn

Prevent pipes and water lines from freezing – winterize your home before it’s too late! There are a number of preventive maintenance steps you can take around your home in order to avoid any serious problems as temperatures begin to drop.

Take care of these maintenance steps today, so you can relax and snuggle up near the fireplace later.

  1. Be sure to disconnect all garden hoses and flush out any stagnant water in the lines.
  2. Turn off all exterior faucets and check for leaks or dripping.
  3. Clear your gutters of leaves and sticks. Clogged gutters will cause drainage problems and lead to overflow.
  4. Have your septic tank pumped to keep the system running smoothly through the winter.
  5. Ensure that your pipes are properly insulated to prevent freezing and cracking.
  6. Close and turn off any valves leading to the exterior of your home.
  7. Seal any leaks or cracks around doors and windows.
  8. Test your water heater to make sure it is working properly before freezing temps arrive.
  9. If leaving your home for an extended period of time, leave the heat on a low setting to prevent pipes from freezing.
  10. Give us a call if you have any additional questions!

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