When the seasons change, we not only have to prepare ourselves for the weather but our homes as well. Get a head start on winterizing your home, well before the harsher temps roll in:

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Clean Your Gutters- When leaves are falling, the last place you think to clean them out of are your gutters. But over time, leaves and other debris can easily clog up your gutters which can prevent them from draining properly.

Check Heating Systems- This is the furthest thing from your mind in the summer, but come winter a malfunctioning heating system isn’t ideal. Make sure you are prepared for the colder temps to come and have your system inspected by a professional.

Drain Outdoor Faucets/Hoses- Any water left in outdoor faucets or hoses can expand when frozen, causing a pipe to burst. Be sure to drain water and store away garden hoses inside.

Seal Leaks- Drafty windows or doors can waste 5 – 30 percent of your home’s energy. Check around your home and add or replace any run down weather stripping to prevent cold air from coming into the house (and likewise, warm air from leaving!).

Patterson Plumbing & Heating is a full service company prepared to handle your winterization needs. Give one of our expert technicians a call today: 719-554-4922 to diagnose the plumbing or heating problem, make recommendations and prepare pricing by the job – not the hour – so there are no surprises.

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