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Now is the time of the year when homeowners need to start thinking about their heating systems. Although yours hasn’t been used in nearly half a year, it will soon be running around-the-clock to keep your house warm. The end of summer is the perfect time to perform some routine maintenance so your furnace operates at full capacity when you need it to.

Here is an easy-to-follow maintenance checklist for your heating system:

  • Change your air filters. Changing the air filters is the most important part of any HVAC maintenance routine. A dirty filter makes your system work harder, which causes it to use more energy and increases wear-and-tear on your unit. Change your filters now, and again every month during the heating season.

  • Check the burner. Dust and dirt may have accumulated on your burner during the summer months. Clean this debris off before it becomes a fire hazard. You should also inspect your burner for signs of rust and make sure it is properly aligned with the furnace.

  • Oil the furnace blower. The furnace blower should be lubricated with oil to ensure smooth operation and prevent unwanted grinding. Turn off the circuit breaker, remove the blower from the furnace, and locate the oil ports. Just a few drops of oil in each slot is enough to keep your furnace running smoothly.

  • Check your vents. Check all air vents in your home to make sure they aren’t being blocked by furniture, curtains, or anything else. Obstructed air vents keep warm air from circulating through your house, not to mention they create a fire hazard.

  • Give it a test run. Once you have followed all of the above steps, give your heating system a test run by turning it on. Make sure it is producing hot air and there are no unusual noises or smells coming from the unit. If everything looks good, power down your furnace until the next time you need it.

If this sounds like too much trouble, or you come across any problems during your inspections, call the home heating experts at Patterson Plumbing & Heating. We offer same-day furnace repairs, installations, and tune up services to homes across Pueblo County, Colorado. Contact us online to schedule your appointment, or give us a call at (719) 544-4922.

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