I am so pleased and privileged to have had the superb team of individuals who recently did splendid work on my boiler system, commode, and new swamp cooler. They performed professionally, competently, flawlessly, interlaced with care and concern. I cannot acknowledge them enough for all that they did. The team was composed of John Volk, Caleb, Derek, Cody, Damien, and Tim. Each one had his particular task, and then performed with the group in an orchestrated fashion. I truly witnessed the concept of “teaming” at its very best. There was not one negative episode with the entire amount of work that they did. I will never consider using another company to come to my rescue, because it could never even match the quality that Patterson Plumbing and Heating has provided me because of them. I am, and have been, and will always be a life-long customer for this company. Kudos to these gentlemen for their outstanding customer service.

David Cordova

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