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Covid-19 Safety Precautions

Patterson Plumbing & Heating’s employees are constantly being trained and updated in the best practices to protect our customers, our staff, and our technicians.

  • Wash hands frequently. Especially before entering and after leaving a customer’s homes.
  • In a customer’s house or public areas, please limit touching public surfaces and wash hands upon leaving those areas in possible. Limit touching your face and mouth until after cleaning hands.
  • Limit touching your face and mouth especially in higher risk areas. Assume that the homeowner has touched their thermostat and probably contaminated it. Feel free to wipe down with bleach wipes before and after service.
  • Stand back from customers. Please upon initial contact, explain why you are standing back.
  • Washing hands for 20 seconds in water is preferred in a clean environment. For us, if possible, it is better to clean our hands at our vehicles than wash our hands in an unknown environment and try to exit that environment without contamination. Ideal is to wash our hands before and after visiting a home.
  • Masks are only recommended for the sick to contain air borne particulates.
  • If you don’t feel good stay home. Notify management if you or a family member becomes sick. Let us know if you are not comfortable working in a certain environment.
  • CDC says prolonged contact within 6 feet of a known coronavirus carrier is exposure to the virus. Prolonged contact generally refers to 60 minutes of contact.
  • Be aware that we are entering allergy season as well.
  • Be aware of the environment that you are entering. Be willing to adapt to what the customer wants.


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