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Water is by far the most valuable resource on our planet but there isn’t an abundant supply. Even though 70 percent of the Earth is covered by water, less than 1 percent can be used for human use.

Considering the recent water shortages in California and evidence of rivers and lakes evaporating, we may be in for a rude awakening should our supply continue to dry up. Now while we can’t control the climate or environment, the least we CAN do is work on conservation efforts ourselves. Take a look at the below to help play your part:

Don’t leave the tap running
It’s easy to just leave the water running while doing things like brushing our teeth or even washing the dishes – but this can easily waste two gallons of water per minute!

Cut the shower time down
Maybe its you or maybe it’s a friend or family member, regardless we all know someone infamous for taking those painfully long showers. With a five minute shower taking 15 to 25 gallons of water – how much is wasted when we extend out shower times to contemplate life? If you can’t bear the thought of giving up your typical shower routine, install a low-flow shower head to save two gallons per minute!

Use one cup and stick to it
Noticing piles of cups in your sink? Are they from filling glasses of water? Instead of grabbing a new cup each time, keep one by the sink that you can easily reach for when you want a glass of H2O. This way you help cut down on dish-washing time. OR, buy a water bottle to refill daily.

Don’t rush that flush
By far the largest percentage of indoor water use occurs in the bathroom – with 41 percent used for flushing. The saying is, “If it’s yellow keep it mellow. If it’s brown flush it down.” Consider that motto next time!

Call your plumber
Get that leaky faucet fixed! Even the slightest leak can waste gallons over the course of the year. If you notice any leaky fixtures in your home, be sure to give us a call!

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