Remodeling your bathroom adds greater usability and style to your house, as well as helps to increase the property value when you wish to sell. They also include some of the most hazardous systems in your home, electric and plumbing, that can cause some serious roadblocks to your renovation. provides us with some tips on dealing with these common problems:

Mold – Before beginning your remodel, check for signs of mold. Black spots, patches of drywall that appear wet, etc. Mold will develop behind drywall so you may need to open it up to check. If you discover anything call a mold remediation company to eliminate the problem before your reno.

Plumbing – If the original contractor ddn’t install your plumbing properly, you’ve got a problem. Give one of our plumbing experts a call at Patterson Plumbing & Heating to check your plumbing system and make sure its safe to use for your new fixtures.

Drainage – Poor drainage may mean clogged pipes, or other serious issues like water flowing to the wrong place. If you find water to be pooling up in the shower/tub give us a call!

Venting – Every bathroom needs an exhaust fan AND an outside vent. Test your venting system by turning on the shower and fan and see if your mirror fogs or drywall starts to sweat. Then turn off your shower and see if the humidity in the room decreases – if not, the bathroom isn’t vented properly. It could be a blocked/damaged fan or you may need a proper venting system. Either way call in a professional to be sure!

Each home is different, you may not encounter these issues or they may take over your renovation. But catching them early helps you finish your remodel within your budget! If you have other plumbing related questions contact us here at Patterson Plumbing & Heating today!

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