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Dish washing

Let’s face it, if doing the dirty dishes is your least favorite household chore you aren’t alone. So in honor of today being National No Dirty Dishes Day, we wanted to provide some ways to help in your celebration.

Option #1 – Choose to wash, dry, and put away EVERY dish, bowl, cup, utensil, and so on in their respective places to have no dirty dishes in sight as well as a spotless kitchen. As a reward, treat yourself or the family for their cleaning efforts by heading out to dinner tonight to avoid piling any dishes into the sink.

Option #2 – Choose to avoid the dishes all together and take the day off! Instead, use some paper plates and utensils for your meals to avoid adding more plates to your to do list tomorrow. Bonus points if you opt for biodegradable plates!

Option #3 – If still hand washing your dishes, use today to look into purchasing an energy efficient dishwasher! An Energy Star certified dishwasher can save you on average 1,600 gallons of water over its lifetime.

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