We recently moved into a home with acreage to help dogs in need. The first cold night the furnace went out. We called Patterson Plumbing and Heating. Brandon came and evaluated our furnace the same morning. The furnace was more than 20 years old, blower didn’t work, motor was slow, some safety switches not working at all. We were given a couple of options, one included replacing at a cost of over $5,000 (MANY dogs can be saved for $5,000!). Another was to see if Patterson could find the parts somewhere that were no longer made but it  would likley take a week or more and might not be possible. 5 days later we receive a call that not only had the parts been found but had been received and Caleb was on his way to make repairs. He arrived at 10:40 am and left at 5:45pm. We have a new motor, new blower, all new switches and even replaced all the screws. To the company, Brandon and Caleb, thank you for your hard work, dedication to finding a cost effective solution and compassion seeing that our dogs remain warm.

Denver Dachshund & Rescue
Liberty Ranch
Boone, CO

Carol B

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