Is your old hot water heater ready to bite the dust? If a new water heater is on the horizon, it may be a smart choice to consider going tankless.

Homeowners across the country are making the switch to tankless hot water heaters, and for good reason. Tankless water heaters provide many benefits, including the following:


Reduced Energy Consumption
Traditional water heaters need to keep up to 50 gallons of hot water in the tank at all times. This requires an almost constant use of energy. Switching to tankless can cut your monthly water heating bill by 20% or more.

Longer Lifespan
On average, tankless water heaters last 5-10 years longer than their tank counterparts. They also require less maintenance, because they don’t need to be flushed of sediment buildup every few years.

Never Run Out of Water
Nothing is better than a long, hot shower. On the other hand, nothing is worse than running out of hot water halfway through it. With a tankless water heater, this is a problem of the past. A properly-sized tankless water heater can effortlessly deliver a continuous supply of hot water to your home.

Safer and Space Efficient
Because there are no large tanks, a tankless water heater is smaller and much more space efficient than traditional models. They can be installed nearly anywhere in the home, including under cabinets or in closets. Since they only operate when hot water is needed, they are also safer than tank water heaters.

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