We awoke one morning to find our water heater was not working.  My husband tried to revive it, but it was about 20 years old, so we figured it was time for a new one.  He called Patterson Plumbing and Heating and they were here in a matter of two hours to install a new one.  He chose them because of their television ads.  The installer was here on time, put covers over his work shoes and covered our floors with tarps.  He was very careful while bringing the water heater into our home and down a flight of stairs to our utility room.  He took his time installing the water heater and updated the various connections.  After the installation, he carefully cleaned up and put everything back in order.  We have had a problem free water heater for for nearly three years now and we are pleased with the service we received from Patterson Plumbing and Heating.  We highly recommend their service to everyone.

Patterson Plumbing and Heating arrived within two hours of our call to replace our twenty year old water heater.  Our old water heater was removed after waterproof tarps were placed over our carpeted floors.  Our installer covered his work shoes before he entered our home keeping soil out of the situation.  He brought our 40 gallon heater down a flight of stairs quite easily on a dolly and into our utility room.  He took his time installing the new heater, updated water lines and replaced two corroded water valves  The gas line and furnace were checked and relighted after the installation was complete.  He stayed while the water heater was heating after the pilot was lit and assured us the heater was working great and all safety measures were in place.  He removed all materials such as tools and tarps and moved appliances back into place.  We thought the price was a little steep but we knew the price before this installation took place and we were so impressed with this safe and thorough installation we very happy to pay this price.
Bebe Hayes

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