Our furnace went out on the extremely bitter cold night before last. After calling EVERYONE in our vicinity, we were told, “No, we’re all booked “. Even after explaining we have a 4 & 6 year old, our toilet water was freezing and our fish froze and died, it was still a resounding “no”. I decided to expand my search to Pueblo (we live in Florence) and found Patterson Plumbing and Heating. After speaking with the extremely helpful front desk, Caleb came and fixed it. The day got more stressful after that, our washing machine started flooding and we figured that out. Our six year old had a doctor’s appointment for his cough and right when the heater goes off again, my husband texted to tell me our son has pneumonia in his left lung. Once again, Caleb came all the way from Pueblo, at 6 p.m. to make sure everything was right and my family would be warm, especially our already ill son (who will be ok!). I can’t thank them enough for going out of their way to help us, to care and treat us like human beings when no one else would. Thank you Caleb, J., and the lady at the front desk (who also remained calm when my husband was not so calm after being told “no” six times). We are extremely grateful and will be calling Patterson Plumbing and Heating from now on!

Amanda Coulter

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