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Clogged drains and small leaks happen every day. Luckily, many home plumbing problems don’t require the need for a professional plumber. As long as you have these six tools at your disposal, you should be able to tackle most minor plumbing problems around your home:

  • Plunger. When people think of a plumber, the plunger almost always comes to mind. The plunger is a must-own tool for any homeowner, regardless of your plumbing ambitions. Plungers can be used to fix mild clogs in the toilet, shower, or sink.
  • Adjustable wrench. The adjustable wrench is a very versatile tool that is invaluable to any plumber. It is best used on compression fittings, supply lines, and any parts with hex-shaped nuts. Ideally, you should have a six- and ten-inch adjustable wrench in your arsenal.
  • Pipe wrench. The pipe wrench is a larger version of the adjustable wrench, and is designed to tighten and loosen threaded pipes, fittings, and nuts. Like the adjustable wrench, you should have two in your toolbox – one for gripping and one for turning.
  • Tubing cutter. As their name implies, tubing cutters are used primarily to cut tubes – specifically copper pipes. This tool will ensure a smooth, even cut every time. They are available in a standard size, as well as a mini version for hard-to-reach areas.
  • Basin wrench. The basin wrench is a staple in any plumber’s toolbox. The long, narrow shaft allows it to reach areas that other tools simply cannot access. They are most commonly used on the nuts that hold sink faucets in place.
  • Hand auger. The hand auger, also known as a plumber’s snake, is a tool used to clear clogs that are too severe for a plunger. The auger uses a hand crank to push a metal wire (up to 25-feet in length) through your drains in order to remove the obstruction.

What other tools should a plumber own? Check out this article from Popular Mechanics for more ideas.

Possessing these six tools will allow you to complete many simple plumbing tasks, such as fixing minor clogs and leaks. However, when more serious problems arise, nothing can replace the skills and experience of a trained plumber. When residents of Pueblo County need professional help, they can depend on the experts at Patterson Plumbing for quick, reliable service. If you live in Pueblo or Canon City, call us anytime at (719) 544-4922.

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