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With back-to-school season rapidly approaching, bathroom sharing is on the horizon – making the morning rush before work or school quite an ordeal. Avoid a war zone in your ensuite this fall, check out the below ways to make bathroom coexistence easier:

1. Make cabinets do more. Stay organized by keeping everything behind closed doors. Look into different organizing tools for drawers and readjust your cabinet shelves to make sure everything fits properly and has its own designated space. Speaking of designated space…

2. Be savvy when sorting. Give each person in your household a space of their own in the bathroom – a cabinet, a drawer, a pull out basket, etc. This way you try to avoid too many people jostling each other when getting ready.

3. Get rid of the unnecessary. The bathroom is prime real estate, take out the extraneous items. Bulky hampers may be better off placed in a bedroom closet to save space, toilet paper and additional towels can be stored elsewhere as well.

4. Create a schedule. Getting your family or roommates into a bathroom sharing schedule can certainly help making the morning rush a better experience for everyone. Have everyone use the bathroom at certain times and ensure they leave the space as they found it.

5. Consider two. If your bathroom is big enough and you are looking to remodel – consider upgrading to double sinks. Not only will you have two sinks to utilize when brushing teeth, shaving, or washing hands, but you also will have additional counter room and storage.

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