5 Possible Causes for Low Water Pressure

  As a homeowner, few things are as irritating as low water pressure. Not only does this issue turn simple activities – such as showering – into time-consuming tasks, it can also be hard to locate the root of the problem. Thankfully, the plumbing experts at Patterson...

How to Clean Your Hot Water Tank

A little bit of maintenance can go a long way for your hot water heater. Annually flushing and cleaning out your tank can eliminate sediment buildup, maximize heating capacity, and improve energy efficiency. And the best part? You don’t need any professional tools or...

Amanda Coulter

Our furnace went out on the extremely bitter cold night before last. After calling EVERYONE in our vicinity, we were told, “No, we’re all booked “. Even after explaining we have a 4 & 6 year old, our toilet water was freezing and our fish froze...
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